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    Access to the Census Bureau's embargo site is limited to the accredited who give their chief attention to the Embargoed Data stuff.Requirements for Access to Census Bureau's Embargo Page" for more information on accreditation.

    Embargoed Data Access and data files may not be released to the public by any means (including print, broadcast, Internet, podcast, blogs, or in any other form)before the specified date and time of release. 

    States are prohibited from distributing embargoed news releases and data files to subscribers before the public release date and time.

    The Census Bureau, through its Embargoed Data Office, reserves the right to deny access to embargoed information to any entity that abuses embargo privileges.

    If an embargo is broken, the Census Bureau will immediately release the data to the public and a notification will be sent alerting data users that the information is now available to the public. 

    The Associate Director for Communications or his/her designee has final approval on all matters pertaining to embargo access.


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  • Representivies are required to register using an email addesss associated with the organization. Group or generic email addresses such as "ourgroup@censustimes.gov" and personal email addresses (i.e., Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) will not be accepted.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Registering does not give your embargo access. Approval by the Public Information Office is required. After registering you will be asked to verify your email address. This review and approval process will begin once your email address is verified (See more for details).
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